Sunday, March 11, 2018

Glimpse of the fishing schooner Columbia through rigging of the Elizabeth Howard Leslie Jones, 1923


  1. And Columbia is gaff-rigged. There, I've exhausted my knowledge of rigging. Sort of.

    Great pic c w!

  2. Beautiful ship. We need to program the way-back machine for a visit.

  3. Back when I was young, I had the opportunity to visit an old fisherman who hand lined for fish off this type of boat. They would send out the guys in dories, and hopefully the dories made it back to the schooner at the end of the day. His hands were like hams- huge, scarred by line cuts. He was in Bristol Bay, during the depression, and the competition for positions was fierce- every week, the low guy (least fish) was fired. And their was a long line of people waiting for jobs. So guys took a lot of risks, stayed out in bad weather fished late, and some just never made the schooner- they tried to position the boat down wind so the dories would have an easier time getting back, but sometimes it just did not work out.