Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Them's good eating.

 One of Iceland's biggest salmon was caught this summer by British musician Eric Clapton on Friday in the Vatnsdalsá river. The salmon measured 105 centimetres and it took Clapton 40 minutes to land it. 

Clapton's guide, Sturla Birgisson says that the salmon was a beautiful silver male and was caught in the part of the river called Hnausastrengur.
The salmon was caught using a fly called Evening dress number 12 which is green, gold and black with peacock feathers. 
Now to the question: smoke it, or broil it, or cook it over an open fire?


  1. That clinches it, I've got to go to Iceland and fish there. I'm headed to Scotland on Sunday but the schedule doesn't allow for a trip up to the Dee for salmon fishing. But the salmon in the Dee OR the Don are nowhere near that standard. They have FIXED salmon nets at the mouth of the river designed to catch some of the larger fish and I expect that's why landing a 10 lbs salmon in the Dee is surprisingly good.