Saturday, April 15, 2017

Smelly Antifa chick goes to confrontation in Berkeley to "get 100 Nazi scalps," but gets punched in the face instead.

No scalps for you, sister.

But it could have been worse, like what happened to this black clad tough guy Nazi hunter

The thugs were so thoroughly beaten in , so humiliated, that before they fled in shame, some were subjected to weggies.

I like the guy in the MAGA hat looking on in amazement.

But it's ok, even if the police were told by their chief to stand down, the pro Trumpers brought their own defense against the Antifa Fascists.    Come get these scalps, smelly hippies.


  1. Look what the stupid little fascists created and the Berkeley Police helped create them. Roll on guys, those antifa losers got it coming and we get to beat them up for another 2 or 3 years before they start to suss out that we're on to them and will be there to beat the crap out of them from now on whenever they poke their heads out of their little holes.

    1. The police are very wrong to let this go. I understand that the two cops in question were told to stand down by their chief, and didn't like it at all, but the brawling will get out of hand if allowed to continue. It's fists today, but it'll be knives and bats tomorrow, and guns the day after that. Just separate the two sides and let them chant at each other, but not go at it.
      Having said that, it was great to see the actual fascists get what they deserved. A more pathetic, big talking, pencil armed bunch of deluded posers I have never seen.

  2. The police are there to keep order and maintain the peace. I'm sure that in Berkeley, they have another agenda. Think about it. What sort of police officer would willingly work in Berkeley? I'm not saying that they're all twisted, but -- really? The progs love anarchy. And you're right, it will escalate to something worse than fists. It always does.

  3. I avoid crowds when ever possible, and in particular, crowds gathered for a political protest. Nothing good comes from it, for either side. Trump protesters are all over my area. I stay away from those idiots.