Thursday, April 6, 2017

Shia Leboeuf blows his top at an LA bowling alley

Is escorted out by security while screaming at someone.

Then, he has to come back to return the bowling shoes and retrieve his own.  Heh.

Even in attempting a calm evening of bowling, he can't quite control his volcanic stupidity.  And as with most public freak outs these days, it's on the internet in minutes.


  1. Shia is comic relief in a world that isn't all that fun these days. Keep it up, Shia, we're all amused by your progressive buffoonery.

  2. He's having a running battle with 4Chan- and there's no contest. Smart geeks against a brain-dead chump actor, 4Chan wins each round!

  3. Looks like his 'not drinking anymore' phase has passed. Weak suck.