Sunday, April 9, 2017

Karma comes around to Starbucks

It's now former CEO, Howard "Sergeant" Schultz, has stepped down after mixing his leftist politics with business cost his company massive value.  The Conservative Dollar was offended, and stopped coming around.

Vowing to hire 10k refugees was the final straw for Schultz.  Apparently, people don't want their coffee served to them by hateful, violent people who wipe their bottoms with their hand.

The new CEO?  He's vowed to hire 25k veterans!  I sense that sanity has returned, and I'll make my next coffee purchase at one of their stores, as soon as I can scrape together the coin for one of their overpriced products.

Let this be a lesson to other business.  Conservatives work, leftists mooch.  Don't piss off the folks with the money.


  1. I fear that talk about hiring 25,000 veterans is just "talk." I'll wait on proof before I pay a bloated price for 10 cents of product. Still, getting rid of Shultz is a positive move.

  2. Nah, I won't ever be buying that burnt foul crap from Starbucks. (Hint to travellers: McDonald's coffee isn't bad! Much better (& lots cheaper) than Starbucks in airports.)

    If I could afford it, I'd buy Black Rifle Coffee. They've done quite well since they pledged to hire veterans when Starbucks first made their idiotic statement that they were hiring goat-lovers. Their ads are also amusing:

  3. I'm a "forever" Dunkin Donuts coffee fan. Having lived and worked in North NJ for 50+ years I got to down a lot of it and thought it was pretty fair priced. Now I'm living in Western North Carolina which has been flooded by Northern Liberals Starbucks has taken root. Haven't ever been in one and don't intend to either.

  4. Who knows how many terrorists would have been among that 10K number and what would they have done to taint the beverages served?

    A progressive person would never ask that question until it happened. Then they'd blame somebody else.