Sunday, April 16, 2017

Is that not a Winchester Model 95?


  1. When I first glanced at the picture and saw the Schnable forend I thought that it was a Savage 1895 or 1899, but seeing the receiver, exposed hammer and part of the lever I believe that you are correct in your identification..........

  2. Looks like a '95 to me. I'm guessing the cartridge belt is likely loaded with 405 Winchester rounds.

  3. history on the old postcard. "depicted a shot grizzly bear, photographed in Seward, Alaska, alongside the hunting guide who shot it. The guide's name, as given in white writing running diagonally across the photograph's top-left section, was C Emswiler, a famous licensed Alaskan hunting guide whose full name was Charles Emswiler. The AZO date stamp symbol code on the reverse of the postcard confirmed that the card dated from the time period 1904-1918"

    1. Charles R. Emswiler (05-1873~9-20-1930) was a hunting guide, miner and sea captain in Alaska. He was lost at sea enroute from Kodiak Island to Seward in the area of Marmot Island, AK.