Thursday, April 13, 2017

From 2015, but relevant to show the tax bite

Tax bite per gallon of gas per state.  Now add .12 cents to the California tax bite per gallon and you have, by far, the highest gasoline tax in the country.  Thanks, Jerry Brown, and Democrats!

I'm sorry, but if these scum politicians have personal assets, they should all be confiscated first, if they voted to steal in this way from the people.  Let the threat of being penniless hang out there and see if they vote this way anymore.
Say, make it so if a politician votes to tax a citizen in any way what so ever, a year later a statewide vote is taken, and if the people are pissed enough a year later, every politician loses all money, property and assets, which are then sold by the sheriff and the proceeds donated to the state's general fund.   The offending politicians must be stripped to their underwear and left standing in some public place, to make the evening news. They can be fricking homeless. Oh, and also ineligible for public assistance.  To encourage the others.


  1. We were lagging behind Pennsylvania. The .12/ga tax increase was one of those keep up with the Joneses things. I'm sure you get it. You should get a sticker for the back of the Dodge: Proud California Taxpayer-Anything to increase benefits for illegal aliens and welfare queens.

  2. What's the difference between the Franchise Tax Board and the Mafia?

    The interest rate.

  3. When are they going to fix the roads?

    1. Never. That tax money will go to Dreamers and Democrats. And they won't thank you for earning it and paying it either.

  4. Same damn law should apply to ALL FEDERAL LAWS passed.... They apply to EVERYONE, not some. You want OFUCKSTICK Health care fixed? Give it to the damned EX-PREZ ANUS and his family, every politician that voted for it, those that DID NOT repeal it, (EVEN WHEN ELECTED TO DO SO), just as O'asshole gave it to us. Let me be clear- FUCK THEM!

    President Mr.Trump needs to do this to resolve this issue, and DAMN quick.

    Matt (Please edit for posting as needed)

    PS NSA, other Gov't agencies: Fuck off!