Saturday, April 15, 2017

Egyptian Core-Formed Glass Flask with Applied Thread Decoration, New Kingdom, C. 1336 BC-1213 BC

Amazing work for 1300 BC.  Stuff like this always makes me wonder what else these civilizations were doing that we probably will never know about.


  1. kidding...That's amazing. I'd like to see that duplicated without electricity!

  2. beautiful...if it could only talk. almost 3,000 yrs ago, someone took the time to sit down and make a jug into art

    1. Sooner or later some intern at the museum will be dusting it and it'll slip and fall, smashing itself on the floor. Probably the culprit will be that kid in the bird video.

      Then what?

  3. Fascinating since it looks like it was created just before civilization collapsed. I really enjoyed this one from a couple of weeks ago.