Thursday, April 20, 2017

A much younger, and more volatile, Bill O'Reilly

It's that Irish temper.  I dunno, I've felt that exact way soooo many times....


  1. Egotistical maniac whose life of debauchery caught up with him. He thought he was another "untouchable" like Sick Willie Clinton. Sorry Bill Clinton's a Liberal protected boy. Bill's rash "Conservative" agenda put him right in the crosshairs of the MSM. He's toast!

  2. I wouldn't want him for a neighbor, but I liked his show.

  3. I didn't watch his show- but it's sad to see Fox going to the Dark Side. Apparently lefties Juan Williams and Bob Beckel got raises while O'Reilly was fired.

    This is Murdoch's far-left sons making their mark: turning slightly right-of-center Fox News into just another CNN. The dirty work was done by power skirts with innuendo. More SJW convergence. Don't bother looking for facts, or evidence that O'Reilly actually did anything bad; he's seen as conservative, so the Left had him in their sights. Probably Hannity will be next to go.

    So glad I cut the cable years ago. Everyone paying a TV cable bill is putting $$ in the pockets of those who want you dead: CNN, MSNBC, Fox, all of them get about $1 each from your cable bill, and that's why it doesn't much matter what you watch or who you support, and why the "loss of advertising" excuse doesn't actually make any sense. This was a purely political firing.

    Cut the cable and spite them! Everything is still found on the Net, without having to support those lefties!