Saturday, June 24, 2023

Nowhere’s home, Jordan Sullivan



  1. So we have OJ's white Bronco behind us, the local Circle K and a Krispy Creme, a cheetah in the crosswalk and a palm tree getting blasted by the UFO we can't see. Yeah, I might have my piece out under those circumstances too.

    1. I believe that burning Palm tree is possibly a warming fire that was started by a disadvantaged unhoused member of the L.A. community in an attempt to stay warm on a chilly SoCal night. Or perhaps the fire started accidentally when he dropped his spoon while he was cooking meth, crack cocaine or fentanyl. Drug use is merely a coping mechanism used by those who are victims of a White patriarchal capitalist system, don't you know.

      That 'cheetah' is actually a mountain lion hybrid, fully protected by California's law that bans the hunting or harassment of such animals because mountain lions are such magnificent creatures.
      Has anybody seen Fluffy? He was here a minute ago.

      The guy holding the pistol is probably a prohibited person, free under the Post Release Community Supervision program that was created to help people convicted of drug offenses gain re-entry into the fabric of California society. They too are victims.

      Welcome to Gavin Newsom's vision of Utopia. You can check out any time you like but you can never leave, because the Franchise Tax Board will follow you wherever you go.

  2. Strange subject matter for a painting.