Monday, March 20, 2023



  1. I hope Mike Mars is nothing like Super Dave.

  2. Well when I was a teenager, the X15 was the ultimate. What happened to our country since then? Windmills made in China?

    1. Maybe you remember, 'Ricketts, not rockets' from protests of the Apollo program.

      People marching in the streets protesting money should be spent in medical research, not on space exploration.
      Yes, more than a few people believed money was literally sent to the moon, thereby reducing earflings of the capacity of wealth.

      The bit about Ricketts was from a study which found that blacks were more susceptible to the disease.

      LBJ simultaneously put blacks at the bottom of society and elevated them as a class in dire need of heightened care. Such was the genius (sarcasm) of his Great Society.

      That is what happened to America.