Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Said to be lightweight as well



  1. My BIL blew one of those "expandable" hoses up. He had 2 of them connected together and wound up on a wheeled hose reel cart. He pulled about 10' out to put water in the birdbath and the next thing he knew the reel/cart slid sideways across the porch and then the hose walls blew in a dozen places with shrapnel everywhere. Seems the cover on the hose needs to expand fully interlocking the fibers in order to achieve it's strength. IOW, the hose has to be fully extended. If you just leave it laying in the yard or no the porch floor they are probably OK, dunno though cause I never owned one. My hose reel has 300' of the standard white type that I've had for 20 years. I can use 10' or all 300'.

  2. The only non kink hose is spelled P-I-P-E!