Wednesday, January 6, 2021

I remember these trucks



  1. That was a western combo.
    We used to see the regular Navajo tractor-trailer units in NYC.
    Here's something a little different from a local Maine LTL carrier:

    Galen Cole, featured in the film, went on, after retirement, to found the Cole Transportation Museum, which along with a lot of other milestones in Maine transportation houses this Tanker Van.
    If anyone ever gets to Bangor, Maine, don't miss it.

  2. The blue eyed Indian. Before they fucked up the trucking industry.

  3. They're called dromedary. I drove a few in the early 70's. Nothing special, just made the whole rig longer. They weren't very practical for LTL, but you could squeeze some extra weight on them.

  4. You still see occasional Navajo Freight semis along I-40, at least in NM. Still sport the blue eyed Indian girl in the logo.