Sunday, January 24, 2021

AN SAS sniper fighting ISIS in Syria has taken out five jihadis with a single killer shot.

The attack took place in November during a kill or capture mission against Islamic State shaheeds.

A suicide bomber and four other jihadis - one of them a top commander - were killed when the bullet hit the bomber’s chest, detonating the bomb vest he was wearing.

The man behind the rifle was a sergeant with 20 years’ experience.

The SAS veteran wiped out the extremists using a Barrett .50 caliber rifle - the most powerful gun in their armory.

It is understood the SAS troops had been working with Kurdish fighters to find an ISIS unit responsible for attacks on villages in Syria.

The team had spent several days surveilling a suspected ISIS bomb factory.

Alarm was raised when they spotted five men leaving the building - one of which was filming the suicide bomber as he smiled (for the last time) and spoke (for the last time) to the camera.

Imagine what the video the shaheeds were filming showed right when the .50 BMG center-punched the head bad guy.

Allahu not so Akbar today, eh?


  1. That's getting your money's worth

  2. .50 cal can't be used with the US armed forces ROE as an 'anti-personnel' round, so good for the Brits!

  3. How long before the not my Commander in Chief publishes the soldiers name and home address?

  4. .50 BMG not for antipersonnel? Target their web gear.

  5. Looks like ISIS will have to find another starting line-up for their basketball team. Those jihassholes are on the PNATP* list.

    *Permanently Not Able To Perform