Saturday, January 23, 2021

Epic Antlers



  1. For three days I tracked him. He slipped in and out of sight, never a clear shot. Finally, I had a clear shot in the morning mist (much like shown here). I lingered while gazing at his wonderous form. That was all it took. He gently walked half hidden behind an oak tree. I waited for him to move. He did not. I stepped into the clear to bring him into my sights, revealing myself. He ran to a fence and jumped over to stand stalk still among a few cows. Only when in with the cows did he look my direction. Not once before did an ear twitch, a nose wrinkle, nothing to show he had sensed my presence. Yet now, when among the cows did he look at me, daring me. Yet like a phantom he seemed to evade me all the while. A four legged Moby Dick.

    Still, it was a thrilling experience.