Monday, January 25, 2021

Well, this sounds like things could get "spicy" here. Few people hereabouts are prepared for any significant snow. The last time we got more than about four inches, they called it the Snow-maggeddon.

 “A significant winter storm will move into the region late Tuesday and persist into Friday. Very low snow levels to start with strong winds are expected. Snowfall will be possible down into the Northern Sacramento Valley late Tuesday into Wednesday morning with the cities of Redding and Red Bluff expected to receive multiple inches of snow. Snow levels will generally rise to 3000 ft or above Wednesday afternoon. An abundance of snow will be possible in the Sierra and southern Cascades with this storm that will make travel very difficult to impossible through Friday.”


  1. People there should just stay home, since few would know how to drive in it. There bad enough here anymore.

  2. Those of us who do know how to drive in it always caution each other to "watch out for idiots". The hazard isn't the snow and ice, it's the fool who says "It's 4WD, I can go anywhere."
    The weather boys (I read National Weather Service for my info) are getting pretty excited about this one tomorrow night, saying that I-5 from Dunsmuir clear to Hilt could be impassable at times with heavy snow and howling winds combining to whiteout conditions.
    I'm very fortunate that I DON'T have to go anywhere. Just keeping the woodstove going round the clock now.

  3. Powerlines can ice up and snap under the additional weight. Rather than that plug-in-the-wall Dewalt heater you should get something else. Yes, stay home.