Sunday, January 10, 2021

A Sunny Winter Day Is Perfect For A Drive

So, Redding to Shingletown to Manton to Red Bluff to Redding.

These pictures are mainly between Manton and Red Bluff.   Found out there were several wineries near Manton, which in turn sits in a surprisingly open valley between two ridges, and overlooked by Mount Lassen, which is just far too close for my comfort.

California is considered a crowed state, but here in the northern part, there are vast stretches of open country.

I wonder what it takes to join this hunting club?   Like I hunt.

Miles and miles away, a view of the Trinity Alps, passing over the edge of the earth.

I'm guessing this old cinder cone in the background is Soap Butte.

The mighty Dodge truck, our steed, comfortably and reliably squired us along.  Notice the incredible rockiness of the country behind it.  All lava.

The intersection with Highway 36, coming down from Lassen.  Seems like a long way to Susanville.

Next time we are in this country, we'll make a stop at a couple of the wineries and see how they are.  Manton itself is mostly a few houses scattered along a short stretch of road.  Right across the street from the tiny post office is a "junk house" that every little burg seems to have at least one of.  This one was in a class by itself.  You just have to scratch you head and wonder why people like to live like that, but I guess with no CC&R's, it's a from of free expression.  No gas station that I saw.  I suppose you have to drive over the hill to Shingletown if you want some of that.

The day itself was crystalline and cool, wonderful for a drive.   Lots of little side roads to explore in the future.  

After I got home, I checked Manton on Zillow and found this place for sale for 3.14 MILLION bucks.  Pond on 304 acres included.   An interesting place to invest that kind of money.  


  1. Would love to see some shots of Beiber, especially the CDF Helitack group. Just sayin.

  2. Very good to read a post about wandering, and the photos are very immersive. Thanks for that.

  3. No Hunting at the Hunting Club? Somebody needs to re-think the sign.

    Sounds like a great day out.

  4. In the 50's-60's Manton was serious hill billy country.

  5. One of the best shoot'n ranges around on that road.

    You haven't ridden hard til you've chased an ornery cow through those rocks on a semi green horse...