Saturday, December 12, 2020

Bentley Blower Car Zero, 2020. Bentley Mulliner have completed the first prototype for the Blower Continuation Series.


Car Zero, the first “new” Blower Bentley in 90 years. A further 12 customer cars will be built, all have already been sold (but at what price?).


  1. There's at least 100 other vehicles I'd prefer.

  2. A work of'd be a shame to get it dirty.
    But it draws on to drive it.

  3. Everyone wants to own a snazzy antique or fake antique Brit convertible, until they buy one, then not so much.

    I've got a 1965 Sunbeam Alpine I can drive about 30 days a year, maybe, if the Canadian winter doesn't start in August, and the spring rains are light and the summer thunder storms and hail storms are mild.