Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Sky Rock, Mono County, Ca.


It’s located miles away from the majority of the rock art in the area, along an incredibly rough “road”. The rock itself is massive, with a perfectly flat table on top facing the sky. You can’t see it unless you are at a high vantage point, on top of a nearby boulder, and even then, your view isn’t great. 


  1. I just hope it's well-documented and photographed before some human moron tags it. Graffiti ought to be an automatic death sentence, even more so in these fragile ancient petroglyphs.
    (Yes, I REALLY hate graffiti.)

  2. Yeah, like Cynyr said, I'm surprised it hasn't been vandalized. We went to a site outside of Las Vegas a couple of years ago and all of the ancient Indian markings were covered in graffiti.
    I'd love to see one of those assholes doing it. I'd probably be going to jail.