Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Pretty astute analysis for a long haired hippy. Mild language warning.

Is he right?  Consider the following:

Trump became a billionaire developing property in the world's most competitive and cutthroat real estate market.

Trump came out of no where and defeated a pack of professional politicians in the Republican primary.

Trump then defeated an establishment politician who had everything going for her: the money advantage, total support from the main stream media, the support of both the democratic and much of the Republican political establishment, and a built in electoral vote advantage for her party.

Somebody is way smarter and more astute than his opponents think.  I admit, when he was elected I didn't expect much except maybe he could protect the Supreme Court from becoming a progressive tool to destroy the Constitution - that hinged on only one vote.

But since his election, I've been surprised, especially how Trump can play with the media and the democrats like a cat plays with an injured mouse.   I'm beginning to give those who say he's playing 10 dimensional chess while everyone else is playing checkers some credibility.

This election year is going to be epic.


  1. We shall see. There's still a lot of idiots out there, some pretending to be conservatives.

  2. Yeah, I agree with Styx, who I've been listening to for quite a while since I like his style & generally agree with his points.

    It's kind of suprising tho that he didn't mention Ilhan Omar at all; AOC is loud & outspoken & lies a lot, but for pure poison Omar's the snakiest of the lot. She's an outspoken anti-Semite and hasn't ever said a good word about America, which took her in from her shithole country Somalia; as a result, she's well known but her approval rate is only 8 or 9% while AOC's is around 22%.

    I reckon Trump is brilliant, he's agreed with & supported Pelosi; which meant Pelosi had to deny his support, and push AOC & her far-Left anti-American agenda to the fore, making that the Face of the Democrat Party!

    I'm in awe, that was an incredible move, and he did it seemingly without effort!

    1. Eskyman, someone needs to tell Ann Coulter that he really is a master
      of Star Trek chess. His every Tweet is like a LASER pointer and his
      opponents are like cats. Just remember that when the SHTF, I was
      the author of the conntection beteen the Russian collusion hoax and
      the Epstein child molestation theory.

      If I am even half right, the systemic corruption of the Democrat
      party, and the pandemic degeneracy of the left will result in an
      extinction level event for the Demorcat party and their allies.

  3. Rush Limbaugh had that theory covered as of 07/16/2019.

  4. Been subscribed to Styx for a few years now. Very astute and wise for a young guy.
    Don't let the hippy appearance fool ya, he ain't.
    Peace out.

  5. oh yeah! and it's at least 11 dimensional chess. I don't watch tv, ever but to hear the dems around me frothing at the mouth, spittle flying as they hates on Trump, I consider putting up another one of my patented 3"x5" campaign signs in the front garden just to drive them a wee bit crazier. It's like watching a squirrel on meth. and don't be silly, of course I've never done that. I was on Eptein's plane with Bill at that precise moment in time.

  6. It's not chess, it's poker.

    Other than that... yep.

  7. I remember back during the election at 3am on the morning I learned Trump won the Election for POTUS! I told my wife "Now the Roller Coaster ride has commenced" It has been a hell of ride!! The Dems {of which I have two Siblings that are RABID DEMS) are becoming a useless party based on their left leaning, the whole issue of Illegal aliens and the hatred for Trump! But they are still dangerous! Trump has definitely
    alot of sly Fox in his DNA!
    We are living in very interesting times!!!

  8. The injured rodent analogy almost misses the bus for analogies - the comparison must between two unlike things, save some other similarity... but I can't tell them apart.

  9. You haven't seen anything yet.
    Trump is going to destroy the Democratic Party.
    We still haven't seen the OIG report, He told Rosenstein to Declassify the FISAgate files and that hasn't happened yet either.
    The entire Obama administration is going to get sucked into a blender over that. The Clinton Foundation crime spree hasn't been exposed yet and Epstein and everyone associated with him is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exposing all of the pedophilia that has been running rampant .
    Pizzagate will be the end of them eventually.
    Best stock up on popcorn, Trump still has a full magazine left and the closer we get to this next election the more hits the Democrats are going to take.

    1. Brother Phil, well put. I would not disqualify this guy
      for being a long haired hippy as CJ might have done. I am a long
      haired bearded fat fucker who has a broke-dick HD FSXT chopper that I
      may never live to restore givin my disabalities. I drink like a fish
      and the The only things I lack to fill the stereotype are arearms full
      of tattoos and a drug addiction.

      The only time I ever contemplated getting a tatto was at age 20
      when I wanted to get a tat of The Cheech Wizard from the National
      Lampoon comic strips. One cel had the Cheech Wizard waking up in
      a stupor with the caption "Where de fuck is I at?"

      I lost track of the times liberals mistook me for one of their
      own. I spent years stopping off at the Hippy Store (Whole Foods)
      after work for some hot take-out and got ass-ramed for their
      "organic" foods simply because it was convenient.

      I actually found out that I had more in common with with the blue-haird
      Birkenstock wearing members of the worthless generation (AKA the Woodstock
      Generation) than I did with the tattooed Millenneal clerks with a half-
      pound of metal embedded in their faces, tongues, and ears.

      My fellow Baby Boomers have mellowed with age, unlike the fracking
      Yuppies who would inevetably turn their grocery carts sidways in the
      narrow aisles of Trader Joe's just to fuck with people.

      I would routinely wear my PETA shirt just to screw with the pale
      emaciated Vegan zombies at Whole Foods. It features a cartoon image
      of a cow with the caption People Eating Tasty Animals. As Phil can
      attest, I am so far to the right that I make Rush Limbaugh, Ronald
      Reagan, William F Buclkey and Barry Goldwater look like radical

      PS Phil, my welfare mechanic to do list has grown. The develomentally
      couple has issues with their swamp cooler and their clothes dryer took a
      shit. I am still waiting on the parts to finish the guys bicycle repairs.

      I was a Cubbie, a Weblo, and a Boy Scout starting in 1965. The BSA is
      dead to me sice they invited pederasts to be Scout Leaders. I am eating
      about $100 dollars because I did not want to see a neighbor lady die
      of heatstroke out here in Burn Scrotum CA. If I present a bill to a
      woman suffering from early symptoms of Alzeiheimers Disease, she will
      forget about it within 20 minutes of my handing it to her.

      I had to put the scooter project on hold to do what I was born to do!