Thursday, August 2, 2018


The collapsed section of the wall fell after several days of rain in Dai county in Shanxi province and is adjacent to the historically important Yamen Pass.

The Yanmen Pass, built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), sits in the Yanmen Mountains, 20 kilometers north of Dai county. It is historically an important pass of the Great Wall, admired for its grandeur. The collapsed section is in the north of the Yanmen Pass.

Separately, a report on WeChat claimed that another construction site along the Great Wall, by the Yellow River, also collapsed due to the rainfall in recent days.  

Critics blamed modern renovation projects at various sites along the wall, which have marred the historical integrity of the monument and, in some cases, physically weakened it.

Looks like their quality of work isn't quite up to expectations. It's not like it's unexpected that it will rain on the wall.


  1. Crappy work. I mean it is only two and half thousand years old. I wander if the warranty has run out yet? And I bet the Russians had something to do with it, too.