Wednesday, August 1, 2018

This is amazing. A little long, but worth it.



  1. Check out the video log of the guy making that plane.

    If you ever have a "low energy day" watch the vids.

    The guy's got a natural seratonin overdose 24/7

  2. I'm not a pilot or aircraft designer but I have long thought that those modifications applied to a Fiesler Storch would make a perfect bush plane. Hey, if the original was good enough for Otto Skorzeny, it would be a great machine with those mods! Now If I only had a million bucks laying around ;-)

  3. I learned how to fly in a Piper Super Cub with the 260hp engine and oversized tires. It was a very forgiving aircraft that could easily power out of problems. After I had my license I was getting checked out in a Beechcraft Bonanza and almost swore off flying as I had problems. Going from a well behaved tail dragger to tri-cycle landing gear and that squirrelly V tail put me back to flight school startup.

  4. I cannot view the video. I'm on the hospital wi-fi right now. But that looks a lot like a PZL Wilga.

    1. It is, modified significantly by the pilot.

    2. Thanks. I'm home now and watched the video. Impressive would be an understatement.

      Pretty cool. I really like the Wilga. Mostly because of it's odd appearance.

      Pretty nice what a million bucks can get you.