Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The mean ol' judge in the Manafort trial makes the government lawyer cry, and points it out on the record!

The salty tears of the Progs are sweet indeed.


  1. Now THAT is savage.....

  2. No kidding.
    If you are going to be a Federal Prosecutor, you'd better make sure you have your big boy knickers on before you go in the courtroom.

  3. Can't wait to see the Judge make the special witnesses pee themselves.

    Liking this Judge, liking him a lot.

    1. Me too! This judge is a straight-shooter, and he doesn't like messing around!

  4. Maybe Mr. Andres and Mr. Acosta could get together after work and, you know, give each other reach-arounds and tender embraces........

  5. The same thing was reported about John Kerry and the Iran negotiations. Kerry was verbally abused by the Iranians so bad that Obama had to warn them to lay off Kerry or else. Or else what? LMAO....

  6. The government, in this case, is being unfair and the judge knows it and doesn't like it. He's the judge and he's appointed for life and he can call 'em the way he sees 'em.