Thursday, August 9, 2018


I'm tempted sorely by this battered flag decal.

Then there's this one.  I'd definitely get pulled over with this on the tailgate here in California.


  1. I REALLY like that last one. It's sends a message to people who are inclined to tailgate. The best thing you can do to enhance that is to keep EMPTY beer cans in your truck. As you drive down the road, sticker in place, weave slightly and toss out a beer can should anyone move too close.

    1. In CO it would be better to be a soda can. that only $1000.00 fine. empty beer can is considered evidence of DUI and can get jail time. of course, that is all assuming thats a popo in civies behind. some silly bastard in the state legislature thought it was a wise thing to make it illegal to use the old claymore mine hitch cover here also. bastards taking all the fun out of life. I have an M-60 decal in the dodge's back window at times and that gets a big frown now. people have lost their sense of humor here because well, democrats....