Thursday, August 9, 2018

Shave of the Day

Ok, the glue has dried, my knot is tight, and my King Shave Pele's Fissure 8 Eruption brush is ready.   For its first use, I matched it with a cool Norwegian cream, Fjellheim, which to me smells like astringent juniper berries from the troll infested Norwegian fjord country.

The edge was provided by this Friodur Inox stainless straight, and the aftershave is Pitralon Polar. 

So, Hawaiian brush (in spirit), German razor, Norwegian cream and an Austrian splash.  It's a globalist's dream, SJW approved (although no SJW would use a straight razor due to the risk) shave combination.

Basically, three passes, a little blood due to the rubbery neck parts not quite recovering from the fresh Derby blade I used day before yesterday, but a decent Thursday shave.  The scents on this shave were glorious, and I hope they last most of the day.

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