Thursday, August 9, 2018

Roo wants to fight


  1. Why do some folks have to ruin things with foul language?

    1. probably for the same reason some people ruin the buzz of other people with their whining permanent insistence of all things being politically correct in manners.

    2. Because ... foul language kind of goes with the territory? Or maybe you're all nice and polite going into a fight?

  2. My son has the dubious honor of being beaten up by a 'roo when he was only 7yo. It was supposed to be a pet; but it didn't like children who were about its size, and attacked my son when he went to pet it.

    This was really scary, and traumatic to my boy; but it all worked out, as he came to the USA just after this happened, and got to show his fresh cuts & bruises to a horde of admirers at the Boys & Girls Club. He was their hero, covered in iodine & bandages! (The Aussie accent helped too.)

    My advice: don't mess with 'roos. They often disembowel dogs with their hind claws, and they can be extremely dangerous.

    However- kangaroo tail is good eatin'! Much like venison.