Wednesday, August 1, 2018

But the elites sent their message loud and clear. Resist us and we'll use the full power of the state to steal your liberty.


  1. His freedom may be short-lived, though I hope not.

    Sadly, the UK no longer has any meaningful freedom of speech or the press; they are also (like Canada and Australia) moving away from trial-by-jury to trial by appointed judge. Those peons on juries sometimes don't do what their elites want them do do; can't allow that to happen.

    The sun has set on the British Empire.

    1. It's on its way to America in the future too despite the bill of rights, Eskyman

    2. My daughter spent some time in the UK last fall, and before she left I had to explain to her that she couldn't just say anything, as the Brits didn't respect freedom of speech.
      It was very weird to warn her to watch her words. Not normal for an American at all.

  2. Is anyone going to be surprised if Tommy suddenly has a heart attack or a car crash?