Thursday, May 10, 2018

This never would have happened but for the election of Mr. Trump to the Presidency.

Talk about being snatched from the jaws of hell....

No doubt it was Pastor Kim Dong Chul who handed this to Mike Pence.  Wow.


  1. Yet the Liberal media comments are mostly: "Trump is only parading these poor people in front of the cameras to promote his agenda." I hope the Deplorables are listening.

  2. 0300 local and POTUS VPOTUS FLOTUS and SECSTATE are on hand to welcome these men home.

    If this happened at noon Obuzzard would not be bothered with leaving his golf game. Providing he even cared enough to secure the release of these US citizens.

    Say what you will about President Trump. He sure does seem to give a damn. Could you see Shrillary out there at 0300?

  3. on the other hand, you should remember ol'bama used the return of our american dead from Iraq as a photo op.

  4. Trump got the Americans back from North Korea.
    Obama and Hillary abandoned the Americans in Libya.

  5. While this is remarkable and is a sweetener for the Singapore Summit, I suggest that internally, Norkland shows no indication of lightening up on its population and there is no indication that the wall will come down and it's impoverished masses will receive anything out of this. Cautious optimism is called for.