Thursday, May 10, 2018

Full page New York Times ad supporting Trump's exit from the Iran deal.

Signed by multiple world leaders and Nobel Prize winners, no less.  This damages the MSM narrative of Trump's action being dangerous and unsupported by allies.


  1. The MSM may be tired of losing, but President Trump is not tired of winning.

    1. Our president is laughing his ass off at the MSM Soros stooges and they're standing around like Wiley Coyotes after a long cliff fall, LL. Plus he's having the best time of his life tweeting their idiocy for the world to see. They threw away the mold after Trump was created.

  2. while it is true that our President has the authority and can any time he wants to put a stop to all the foolishness, I do not believe he will.
    the rats are eating all the plutonium laced cheese they can stuff down their throats and after a while, all of their own doing, they will begin to have upset tummies. and when they have eaten their fill and gather together to celebrate, they will achieve critical mass and fall down go boom.