Thursday, May 3, 2018

I warned them!

Hours after pink smoke was seen coming out of the Kilauea volcano Thursday, residents of the Leilani Estates in lower Puna, Hawaii, took to social media to post videos of a fissure that had opened on a street, from which lava was being spewed up 20 feet into the air!

That's a problem.

Hawaii Mayor David Ige tweeted: “I am in contact with @MayorHarryKim, and the state is actively supporting the county’s emergency response efforts. I have activated the Hawai‘i National Guard to provide support to county emergency response personnel to help with evacuations and security.”
Evacuations were commenced around 4 p.m. local time (10 p.m. EDT). 


  1. That house and home that somebody thought had value -- turned out to be wrong.

    You called it, CW

  2. This is one of my go-to blogs.
    Definitely misnamed.
    Not a waste of anything.

  3. Checked the volcano damping "virgin" box on the wall of the Lower Puna fire station. It was empty.

  4. Where's a flight of B-17s when you need one.

    (Yes, the AAC bombed the lava flow back in the late 30's in order to cut a trench. And it worked.)

  5. Ige is govenor. That area is considered a zone 1, lava hazard area, many cannot get insurance because of that. Its beautiful, but not that beautiful.