Friday, May 4, 2018

Friday Open Road

People on the way out of the Leilani Estates.


  1. I'll have to side with the kids on the Ford with the surf boards because it takes me back to a portion of my callow youth.

  2. A closeup of the gal in the first photo please. Pretty sure she has freckles.

  3. The pic of the KOA with the graffiti-coated pool and wall behind it is in Two Guns AZ about 10 miles west of Winslow AZ, and is a cool place to explore. It was an attempt at a tourist trap with a small zoo and a cage for Mountain Lions at the edge of a part of Diablo Canyon. If you are ever passing through on I-40 stop in and spend an hour or two. The locals have pretty much decimated some parts of the place over the years unfortunately.

    1. Been there. If you take the access road past nearby Meteor Crater you can find hot springs a few miles south of I 40.
      Assorted hippies, nudists and other weirdos hang out there.
      They seem like a happy bunch, pretty harmless.


  4. My heart is happy with cowboys, horses, dogs,ol pickups, the high lonesome, and a bit of ocean...