Wednesday, December 25, 2013

While the Obama administration is instructing soldiers not to say "Christmas" and discouraging students from sending religious cards to troops, it is perfectly acceptable to celebrate Christmas in unexpected and diverse places.

For example, a wish for a merry Christmas on a shop window in Peshawar, Pakistan, of all places.

And in Shenzen, Communist China, where up to ten percent of the population is suspected to be Christian.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit


  1. I've been to Shenzen at Christmas time - it was about five years ago. There was a MASSIVE Christmas display downtown that had to have been at least 200 meters long.

    It works in the Godless People's Republic of China, but not in the US…

    1. These days perhaps there is more God in China than in the US government.

    2. The only god that the Chicago mob recognizes is Satan. And they worship at that altar with full fervor and devotion.