Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A backhoe could push that over in five minutes.

Kummakivi or “Strange Rock” can be found in the forests of Finland. These strange geological formation have, without any scientific explanation, wound up in a perplexing positions. The mystifying sight is that of a giant rock performing an unbelievable balancing act on a seemingly smooth, curved mound. 
Some Finnish folklore explains the odd locations of these giant stones by saying that trolls (or giants) carried, threw or rolled them there.

Or glaciers. Probably that rather than trolls.  But then, I'm not living in Scandinavia, where trolls do in fact exist.


  1. This looks like a glacial erratic, although these can be caused by weathering as in the rock formations in the Roadrunner cartoons.

  2. Loki, the trickster, did it.

    1. Ha! But did he use a glacier or a troll?

    2. When the valkyrie take you (if you die well with a weapon in your hand) and you go to the great corpse hall in Valhalla where you are drinking and fornicating with fellow warriors, the methodology won't concern you.

    3. True that. I do aspire to die with a weapon in my hand, and that looks more and more likely as the Progs/Communists take over from the top and the violent underclass swirls up from the bottom.