Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas greetings from 1920

Rummaging through some old stuff the other day, I came across these two old Christmas cards from the Swedish side of the family.  Taking my lead from Gorges' Grouse, I thought I'd photograph them and make them into a post, something for sure no one in 1920 could have imagined.  From post card to internet post!

Actually, the one on the left is dated 1920, but the one on the right has no date, but must be roughly at about the same time, maybe within ten years.

The one on the left says, in Swedish, "Happy Christmas" and the one on the right says, roughly, "May God be with you, and his glory revealed to you, Christmas in and Christmas out, in church and home and mind."

A very religious message from a more devout age.

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  1. Charming, CW. We need some of that now-a-days. I love Gorges' cards too.