Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cabin Porn

Feels about this cold in our house, since the heater went out!  


  1. Oh, no! Start saving for a wood stove - We heat ours with mostly wood and only use the oil when it is bitter, bitter cold. Saves us a bundle. 'Hope you get it fixed soon. Brrrrr.

  2. Reminds me of the winter in 09-10, when the same thing happened to me. In Greenland.

  3. It's cold, but then again, it is also California, so cold is relative. It's getting to freezing every night, and it feels about that inside in the morning, but nothing that a lot of sweaters and hot coffee can't cure. RAF, I'll bet it was a bit colder than freezing when the heat went out in Greenland! CM, I would love to get a wood stove! I have a fireplace, but it isn't very efficient, warming just the area in front of it. Maybe this summer I'll invest in one.

  4. "Cold is relative." My uncle, from Minnesota, worked construction and worked on the building of the DEW Line in Way North Canada in the mid 50's. He once told me that "cold is when you jump in your car and the vinyl upholstery shatters.."