Sunday, December 22, 2013

In the entire Camden NJ school district, only three students this year scored as college ready on the SAT

To be college ready, one only has to score just above average on the test's three sections.

Of course, there is a teacher's union, but in reality, given the cultural demographics of the city, there probably isn't a lot that even the best teachers could do.  At the core, it is the parents who have the primary responsibility for their own children's success.

Imagine, an entire city (with three exceptions) of youth who have spurned the opportunity to better themselves through education, provided free, and likely with meals as well.   Where are the parents in this disaster?  Are there absolutely none in the entire city of 80,000 that can see the benefit of a good education for their children?  Absolutely none?

Then the question becomes, are these people really citizens?  Have they debased themselves to the point that they cannot even understand the most basic things, and if so, how can they be trusted to do any civic duty?

It seems to me that they cannot be trusted.  They have nothing in common with the working man, with the folk who encourage their children to work hard and do better.  They have nothing in common with people who seek to be at least a little educated on the issues of the day, and who strive to vote intelligently on those issues.  They are not normal in any sense of the word.

A depressing statistic from a depressing place.  Literally an entire generation ruined, wasted, and likely to be a burden on the rest of society.


  1. Each child will be eligible to receive benefit payments in exchange for a vote for the Democratic Party member of their choice.

    1. And that is the real reason for the failure. Thanks LBJ, and your cursed "Great Society," yet another progressive program that has ruined millions. The very definition of wickedness.

    2. $24K per child. Just mind boggling considering the average cost per homeschooled child is $500.