Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Santa works in mysterious ways

When you reach a certain age, the type of gifts Santa brings tend to change.

This year, the 19 year old found a nice new tire under the tree for her car, Patty.  Both of them are quite happy about it.

Thanks Santa!


  1. Replies
    1. Exactly. Even Barbie has to have decent tires on her ride.

  2. Safety equipment is good! She looks happy good job Santa I hope the other three just got left in an accessible place by St.Nick.

    1. She's paying for the car and it's upkeep herself. This fall she had the coin for a couple of fresh tires, and this Christmas tire was to replace the one left that was getting a bit bald. She is good to go now, tire wise, for the new year.

    2. Oh OK I was just wondering about the single.

  3. Let's get a few elements straight here: this is not a Barbie car, I bought this car for my Mom in '93 when my Dad died. She drove it until she passed away last spring. Mom's name was Patricia and the girl here named the car Patty. I won't even go into the hard Swedish rug merchant bargaining that I endured to sell this car. Barbie car? The original owner was an ex Army nurse and the present owner is the daughter of a Swedish gunfighter.

  4. Reminds me of when my boys were young. Tires, engine parts, motorcycle parts, tools and cases of oil - all scattered around the tree!