Thursday, December 19, 2013

Weekly unemployment claims cause Karl Denninger to blow his expresso out through his nose.

Not looking very good here.  I wonder if this is a combo of the effects of Obamacare and perhaps retailers laying temp help off a bit early.  Who knows?

The moral: if you have a job, keep it at all costs.  If you can score a second job, do it. Spend no more than you must.  Pay down debt if you can. Keep the old car running.  Plant a garden.  These rules don't apply to Texas and the Dakotas, where the economy is booming, despite the government's best efforts.  They apply double to any Democrat run state, however.

   "What's worse is the big table, which caused me to blow espresso out my nose.

+607,000 people added in one week to all UE programs, with most of it coming from "regular" state programs?



  1. It's not a "Christmas Season of Recovery".

    Never fear, they can all get free healthcare with the one doctor in the state that accepts ObamaCare.

  2. But Dear Leader keeps saying we're in recovery.......... ;-(