Thursday, July 22, 2021




  1. Or in the immortal words of Steve Martin - Donde es la casa de pepe?

  2. Since 'Me' brought up Steve Martin, (slightly on topic)
    So this guy came up to me before the show and said 'Hey, Steve, are you bi?'
    Well, I studied a little Spanish in high school but not enough to really be 'bi'. But I didn't want to look stupid so I said 'sure, yeah I'm bi'.
    Then he said 'hey come on by my place after the show. We have some S & M people coming over.'
    So I thought to my self, hey, great, Spaniards and Mexicans! So it will be interesting to go there after the show, speak a little Spanish, and have an intellectual scene.

  3. Even having lived a less than sheltered life, it now appears I missed more than few "bright moments". Live & learn I suppose but chili con queso will continue to be served with chips.