Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Couple this kind of thing with some canned food, some dry rice and beans, and you could live for a long time without going to the store



  1. I'm in the process of buying emergency food buckets for my Dad and I. Scary times.

  2. $105 for (22) 200-300 calorie "meals"?
    It'll be a cold day in....

    Go to walmart, buy Knorr noodle/rice/pasta envelopes for $1 each.
    Also while there buy Great Value brand canned chicken in bulk for about $2. a can.
    Go to Target and buy canned vegetables for about 50 cents a can.
    And on and on.
    With a selection of spices and dried herbs added it is not hard for my wife and I to eat $2 a meal suppers indefinitely. We've been doing just that since we moved to ruralville 15 years ago cause the stores are so far away. We have several years of hard food on hand at all times. We buy fresh produce locally, mostly from the farmers.

  3. Check the ingredients on the Knorr packets - - -
    Most of the Knorr products I have checked have MSG.

    1. MSG won’t kill you near as fast as being broke and starving.

    2. ...and Mountain House doesn't?
      Anyway, the point was that with just a little bit of effort anyone can eat frugally and pretty good for a long time into the future if they want to.

    3. Where is Bison , when we really need him ?

    4. Just received his CD this week. He packs a lot of info on one disc, gonna take me months to consume it. No one puts out the kind of stuff he does.

  4. I use Mountain House meals when backpacking. Buying #10 cans brings the cost down significantly. They are also in my emergency food supply because they have a 30 year shelf life.

  5. Bet I could outlast that bucket with a fishin pole... Just sayin.