Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Lehua Island, Hawaii



  1. Islas Columbretes, Spain

  2. Looks like 9th century Nordic weapon of war.

  3. Molokini is like that too, only smaller, about a mile off the coast from Maui.
    The cone is filled in to maybe 40-50' deep, and you can see clear as a bell to the bottom across the whole thing.

    But for a never-to-be-forgotten moment, you paddle over to the missing rim, which drops off to 4000' depth, all the way to Molokai, and thence all the way to Australia.

    At first, it's cool looking down to the ocean where it becomes impenetrable blackness.

    Until you think about what's down there out of sight, looking up at your happy @$$, floating on the surface in the bright sunlight.

    And then you rapidly kick your way back to the shallow end of the pool, before something you'd rather not see comes rocketing up from the depths looking for a snack, as you realize where you are on the food chain.