Sunday, July 25, 2021

Whoever made this, I'm jealous. My tomatoes this year have not done that well, unfortunately.



  1. I usually buy an Early Girl that is about a foot tall and plant it near the end of March. I also grow Beefsteak and Better Boy's from seeds that I start in the basement in January and transplant half of them the same time I get my Early Girl and the other half a month latter. Instead of the two to three dozen plants I only had six make it to the end of March.

    Something is wrong. My Early Girl has produced 2 golf ball sized tomatoes that were ripe at the beginning of July. A month late, fruit half the expected size, and the plant is dying for unknown reasons. The plants from seeds are all growing strait up and one of the six has 3 small green tomatoes. Everything else is barren and they should have been producing by the first of July.

  2. My tomatoes seem to be doing well this year, they are still green but the season starts a little late in Maine. My hot peppers are not doing well at all. I planted them where we had tomatoes last year and found out that is not recommended.

    I will have plenty of salsa only because i had a great hop pepper season last year.


  3. Got mine in late, have had a few nice 'maters, but now the summer heat is getting at them. I didn't put up shade cloth this year, and that can really help to coax mature plants through the high summer, where you can get a second crop starting in late Sept.

  4. I'd be content for a meal or two with a jar of that salsa, a pot of pinto beans and corn bread. Season it up as needed with Cholula Sweet Habanero sauce. Ohhh gots to be!