Friday, June 18, 2021

Vegan Feast



  1. Contradiction in terms.

    ~ Overgrownhobbit.

  2. Corn kernels don't break down in the digestive system. That fact along with the chili/jalapeno sauce, sufferers of infected, bleeding hemorrhoids might want give this meal a pass.

    1. I'm a compassionate, altruistic guy. I was just thinking of the "wellness" of Preparation-H using readers, CW.

  3. I'll stick with the vegan ribeye, med rare, please.

  4. Street corn. It's not designed to nourish, it's designed to entrance the taste buds into eating and drinking more than you wanted to. Ask me how I know.
    (oh, it's also a good speedometer for how fast your digestive tract works as well)

  5. An OK side, but I have to have some serious backbone in order for it to be called a feast. The American way.

  6. In Andean nations, street vendors sell steamed ears of a markedly larger kernelled corn called "choclo". In a soup-nuts list of recipes, it sees similar use as North American corn varieties.
    Dried choclo is lightly cooked in oil and served as a snack or appetizer in restaurants. Find dried choclo in a "Latin Store" and easily make your own. Peruvian Corn is also available at Trader Joe's for $2-$3 a bag. Good Stuff!