Saturday, June 19, 2021

Tough Characters


                                                 Serbian Partisan, ready for about anything.

Someone said to be on the deck crew of a US carrier during the 50's

Soviet soldiers somewhere in the Afghan mountains.


  1. Rounds on American ( with beard?, wondering) are 20mmm

    1. Beards were up to captains to allow or not. My MCPO father had one in the mid-1970s.

  2. That would be for the guns of the F9F Panther he is standing next to, I bet.

  3. I was in the CG & we got a new Commandant (Yost), his previous assignment had been something to do with the Navy. He liked the no bead look. On Fathers Day 1986 I shaved my beard off.

  4. When I was USN ('75-'81)you had to submit a special request to grow a beard, I very seriously doubt it was even an option in the 50's especially aboard ship. The mask of your OBA would never seal.