Friday, June 18, 2021

That cool, fighter pilot look


Cheap knockoffs, but hey, if they're polarized and you're careful not to scratch them, they'll probably do the job.


  1. Way, way way back in the day, some short guy was flirting with my girlfriend. Me and him had a few words, then I snatched the ray bans off his face. Put them on my face and dared him to take them back. I'm not big or tough, but I do look mean sometimes. Ended up wearing those sunglasses for the next 4 or 5 years. Really nice, but if I'm paying that much today I'll get some Costas. When the little magnifying bifocal on the bottom so I can tie knots in my fishing line.

    The girlfriend I caught sleeping with my roommate later on. Haven't heard or seen her since. Maybe I shouldn't have taken those ray bans after all. Live and learn.

  2. $10 glasses with $150 of hype.
    I wear flip ups if I wear any at all.
    Who hasn't been stupidly in a fight over a ho?

  3. Me buy these glasses? I might be as old as "Not-My-president" Plugs but why would I want to look like the Dementia-ridden twit?

  4. I have a pair of very early 1980's Ray Bans from when I wore contact lenses. No longer wear either of them. Black frame and dark gray lenses from what I remember.

  5. Wore the aviators in my younger days loved them. Then money started to matter gave it up.

    1. I'm partial to the aviators too. I started wearing them in the early 70's and I bought the kind with the wire wrap around the ear.
      I'm not real sure just how many pair I've had slip in the drink while fishing but the wire over the ear makes a big difference.
      I've got a couple of pair in my truck but I find that I don't go to them as frequently since Biden happened.
      You just know that that asshole thinks that he's Maverick in those glasses.

  6. My mother had a rottie named Max who loved his ray-bans, wouldn't step off the porch without them!

    You couldn't chump him off with imitations either, he knew the difference.

    Too bad she did not send her photo of him coming up out of a stream with water rolling off his back and lenses to the company, I believe Ray-Ban would have sold a ton of them off that pic alone!