Monday, June 21, 2021

Oh, is it hot in the middle of summer? Do tell?


June 21st is the longest day of the year.  After today it's downhill to winter.


  1. California ,how is that Shit sandwich you ordered tasting . Mmm, mmm good.

    1. No problem Wayne, Californians seem to be use to eating shit. Trouble is, New York always follows California's lead, and you guessed it. I live in, "The People's Republic of New York."

  2. My dental Hygienist just bought a 5 year old Tesla S and hired a dumbass to drive it from California to Georgia. He is getting about 300 miles a day driving it across county with the limited charging. He just made it to San Antonio and is expected in 4 or 5 more days.

    She got a deal on it. Even with the stoner she hired to drive it across the country she came out about $10k ahead. She is planning to use it as her daily driver in town as she has a free 2 hour charge at work. She is keeping her Jeep Sahara for long range or off road engagements.

  3. Got news. Despite these little inconvenient "setbacks" many California residents believe they're living in a state that has finally found the magical form of Socialism which really works.

  4. Multiply that times about 1000 if we go all electric like the democrats want....I can see it now....everybody pulls into the garage and plugs in.....there goes the power grid....again....

  5. Anybody that has a vehicle that relies on electricity should have a solar array that can support it. Last I heard there is no shortage of sun in Calif. Since solar vehicles seems to be attractive to people with money another $10k for the array shouldn't be a problem.

  6. June 21st is the longest day of the year. After today it's downhill to winter.

    Nopity nope. The only thing going in that direction is the total length of the day, which doesn't track too well with how hot it is.

    Around here it's uphill until August, at least in terms of getting hotter. NOAA has a map of when to expect the hottest week of the year.

  7. An actually workable solution for electric vehicles is the printer ink cartidge approach. I recall when printers and copy machines required a very messy refill from a bottle of ink. Then some brilliant person looked at the real world and understood that ink refills were mostly done by admin staff who may or may not have good mechanical skills and who certainly did not want ink on their hands or clothes. So, said person created the ink cartidge that is easy to pull out and plug in.

    So with EVs. Battery size will be reduced and charge time increased over time; it is the nature of science and industry to make this happen. When the EV is running low, just like a gas/diesel engine, the driver will pull into a self generating power station (solar, nuclear, hydro?) and the attendant, or eventually the driver, will switch out the old battery for a fully charged one. With a discount for the remaining charge in the old battery, of course. And then back on the road.

    Or so I think. Not my original idea, but the more I consider it, the more plausible it seems.

  8. Israel tried it: Battery charging and battery switching service for electric cars, and failed.
    I believe Tesla's have temperature controlled batteries so they are heated in winter and cooled in summer, which doesn't sound like power tool battery change out simplicity.