Sunday, June 13, 2021

From Kingston on Puget Sound to Redding in one day

 9 hours of driving yesterday and resting today after attending the wedding of the 1st LT and his college sweetheart. 

Managed to pop off the front license plate on the truck trying to turn around in a small space, but without noticing the loss at the time.

Got a text later with the newlyweds holding it up for me to see where it was.  They're mailing it back to me.  I'm such entertainment.

The mighty Dodge crossed the Tacoma Narrows on the replacement for this bridge.

The weather alternated between raining and sunny.  There are an amazing number of bald eagles on the sound.

Still lots of snow on the Cascades.  Mount Rainer was very impressive.

But, the festivities over, it's time to get back to normal life.  When we got home we saw that the garden is starting to produce, happily.


  1. Congratulations on the wedding and your safe return.

  2. I flew from Pensacola to SeaTac on Memorial Day. Picked up a rental car (nothing like the fast orange machine) and drove to Sequim so, got to drive over the New Tacoma Bridge and the Hood Canal Bridge. Our family had planned this trip last year but, was shut down by the Rona. We had an internment ceremony for my step mother at the church she and my dad attended. Made the drive to Port Townsend, walked the streets there for a bit and took a ferry to Whidbey Island. Continued to Anacortes and stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast before driving to SeaTac for the flight back. And yes, the skies were stunningly clear and was able to see Rainier, the Olympics and Mt. Baker. Fantastic country to visit.

    1. I live right there now, in PA. First time crossing over on the Tacoma bridge I was mightily impressed, in fact second only to the Golden Gate. Gotta say, despite the insane politics of the pols, I love it on the Peninsula. Weather is wonderful, the seafood is fab and the outdoors' activities available are limitless.

  3. Congrats on the wedding. I thought we'd see photos of the happy couple crossing under raised swords...maybe that's coming.

    Grandkids are the best CW.

  4. Congrats on the family wedding, CW. Looks like you had a great time. As a side note how about this: You can insure you'll never lose that front plate again. Why not use the excuse of moving to a one-plate state to get out of California.

  5. I drove past that volcano in early Mar 1980, I think on I90, the day before it blew. It was smoldering. I spent a week in the Sea-Tac area before heading to Alaska. Nice place then and probably still. Shitty people now. I probably won't go back.

  6. Some years ago I drove from Washougal, WA (on the Columbia River) to French Gulch (which I'm sure you're familiar with) and back in one day.

    Pretty drive from Redding to French Gulch.