Monday, March 1, 2021

When was the last time you saw one of these?



  1. Grandad had a Nash Rambler station wagon in the early 60's, but I have stronger memories of my Grandmom's massive '58 Oldsmobile 88. We would beg her to 'make it go fast' and she would pin it for a few dozen yards to our great delight, bouncing on the seats.

  2. My Grandfather has a 63 Rambler and it ran like a top.

    1. And they were outfitted with those atrocious vacuum operated windshield wipers. If it was raining out and you had to really step on the gas for some reason. The engine vacuum got sucked away from the wipers and they would stop. Then when the vacuum got back up they would start flailing away like crazy. It was an actually an art form learning how to drive a car with vacuum assist wipers ..LOL

    2. You're not kidding, tony. You just described driving my '41 Power Wagon in the rain.

  3. Should have read:
    Only '57 Rambler gives you:
    1- Big Car Room and Comfort
    2- Compact Car Economy and Handling Ease
    3- Butt Ugly Styling