Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Having peripherally lived through some of this, I've ordered my copy.

Further, it illustrates the perversity of the Left, and teaches us what we can expect from them in the future.

A whole lot of what we see going on right now is made so clear.  What's old is new again.  

From Gerard's post:

People tend to think that the Right will be an awesome, horrific force in political violence. The SPLC’s donations depend on that idea. Righties tell themselves that *of course* they’d win a war against Lefties. Tactical Deathbeast vs. Pajama Boy? No contest. Why, Righties have thought about what an effective domestic insurrection would look like. Righties have written books and manifestos!

It’s horseshit.
The truth: the Left is a lot more organized & prepared for violence than the Right is, and has the advantage of a mainstream more supportive of it.
You think that’s unfair? Okay, well: imagine an abortion clinic bombing ring getting presidential clemency.
Imagine an abortion clinic bomber getting a comfortable job at an elite university.
Outrageous, right? No way the Right could get away with that. But the Left does! And the press gives them cover.


  1. I enjoy GVDL, but a couple of pertinent questions come to mind:

    How'd that work out for their side in Chicago in 1968, in NYFC and Kent State in 1970?
    Just wondering.

    The Left are a clusterf**k of epic proportions.
    Anyone ignores this reality at their peril.
    They are only dangerous in a mob, and even then mostly to women, children, and the aged and infirm.

    In Round Two, the media will be the first to go; they won't be around to "give cover". They'll almost certainly be looking for some themselves.
    Useful idiots who are no longer useful have another name: cannon fodder.

    And when what the Leftards gets is bullets in the face rather than a Moldylocks KO punch, they'll disappear like fog on a summer morning, about as fast as the Iraqi Army, both times we took them on.

    Ask the VC in Hue who had his mind opened 158 grains at a time about how that feels for real.

  2. I have not read this book, but The Destructive Generation: Second Thoughts
    About Sixties by David Horowitz and Peter Collier is a must read! There
    are whole chapters devoted to the Days of Rage, Hewey Newton, the SDS and
    Weather Underground, etc. If you want an eye opening expose on the new
    left comunist radicals, get a used copy on the cheap from Ebay or Amazon.

  3. I read the book when it came out. It is excellent! I would place it in the " must read" category.
    Boat Guy

  4. I disagree. The current political situation of the left has far more in common with the early 20th century anarchist/communist unrest than it does with the 1960s. How'd that work out for them? See: Sacco & Vanzetti.

    Additionally, the vast majority -- VAST -- of gun owners are conservatives. A high percentage of them are veterans. As long as it's urban riots and kicking children, the left has the advantage. If it comes to street fighting in open rebellion, the war will be very short and very bloody, and there is only one possible outcome. That is the entire purpose of the Second Amendment.

    1. Anon, yes the anarcho-communist movements of the 20th century are
      a better analogy, but the new left communist radicals of the 60s
      failed every but as much as the early model. It was not until the
      new left radicals matured and entered politics and academia to work
      within the system that they managed to infest our social and political

      What both of the leftist movements learned was that direct revolution
      would not work. As bad as it seems, I see Trump's election as a
      voter rebellion. The current batch of leftists made the mistake of
      buying their own BS, resulting in collective insanity. I am seeing
      signs that the Donks are bleeding blacks, union members, moderate
      Democrats, independents, and even the usually reliable liberal suburban
      soccer moms.

      We are not yet at the point where we will have to take up arms, but
      if a leftist Democrat wins the next presidential election, he will
      steer hard to port and throw the throttle into ludicrous speed. I
      agree with your assertion that their inside out revolution will fail.
      If these Walter Mitty type soy boys start a war on a Friday evening,
      the war will be over in time for our side to return to work on Monday
      morning. But if they succeed in creating a one party state, things
      will get a lot bloodier!

  5. The left gets away with murder because the legal system itself, including law professors, public defenders, lawyers, prosecutors and judges are overwhelmingly leftist. To put this in perspective, conservative lawyers are generally found working for oil/gas, manufacturing and finance interests, therefore uncommon in the courts.

    Conservatives are non criminal in nature, and therefore have few dealings with the courts. Even so, we know the deck is stacked against us and have no expectations of favorable "conservative issue" court outcomes. It's also why we won't tolerate "Civilian Disarmament" .