Friday, November 8, 2019

Tree is hungry for old car


  1. I recently cut down a 147 year old maple that was dying. Four and a half feet at the base. Gave it to a guy that burns wood in the winter. He found a horseshoe deep inside it when he was splitting it. Trees can be amazing

  2. A friend had a '29 Model A with a tree growing through the engine compartment. an endless river of people knocking on his door, "how much for the old car?"

    "you can have the car if you can get it out of there without disturbing the tree" one more guy walks away unhappy

    one day a guy came along. usual question. usual answer. then the guy asks "how much for the tree?"

    he got the tree, and the car, for free. the owner just wanted the story.

  3. "No, it's not for sale; I'm gonna start restoring it next week."

  4. There is no blower.Its all original Ford V8